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The Team


Founder - Lead Investigator / Photography Expert
Eddie has been interested in the Paranormal for 40 years after an incident involving his Granddad when he was 10.

His first investigation was when he was 14 years old where he visited Clegg Hall - Milnrow and slept in the ruins over night with a friend. When he awoke early morning his friend had scarpered leaving him alone throughout the night something scared the hell out of his friend so much that he couldn't stay with Eddie, but ever the investigator Eddie refused to leave. He formed NWUKGI (North West UK Ghost Investigators) after a few weeks of waiting for a new investigation to come up with another group. He was tired of waiting to get investigating and wanted more after joining Dave at Gwrych Castle – North Wales.

After 12 months of investigating as NWUKGI, Eddie decided that a name change was in order… Haunted Worlds was finally born!

With over 300 investigations from public events to residential homes, both Eddie & Dave have enjoyed the past 12 years in some of the most interesting locations across the UK.

Eddies most memorable investigation was at Sawston Hall in Cambridge.


Co-Founder - Lead Investigator / Tech Expert
Dave has been interested in the Paranormal for over 30 years. His first investigation was when he was 18 years old.

From personal experiences to strange incidents throughout his life he still questions himself, he believes that there is an answer for every possible experience in his life, some may well be Paranormal others maybe natural occurrences but Dave cannot come to terms with specific incidents.

Dave doesn’t count himself as a Medium nor Sensitive; all he can do is explain what he sees in the best way possible.

In 2000 he attended an investigation at Gwrych Castle – North Wales with a research group and was instantly hooked. After a couple of months he joined with Eddie who started NWUKGI (North West UK Ghost Investigators).

Dave’s most memorable investigation was at Sawston Hall in Cambridge.


Senior Investigator / Tech Expert
Adam has been interested in the paranormal since an early age and has always sought answers for the things he had seen as a young child.

He first attended an investigation at Hyde Town Hall whilst at University and instantly knew that investigating the paranormal was something he had to do.

About 12 months later a chance encounter with Dave Tweedale lead to a conversation about investigating the paranormal. This in turn lead to Adam joining Haunted Worlds; and he has been investigating with the rest of the team ever since.

With a curiosity for new ways of investigating the paranormal and alternative reimagining of old ideas Adam along with others has been designing and developing new; and in some cases experimental; pieces of equipment with the aim of giving Haunted Worlds the best tools possible for its investigations.


Investigator / Sensitive
Liz has been sensitive since a young age her personal experiences were confusing yet intrigued her, but she never knew what to make of things. After a number of years of such experiences she saw an Investigation advertised at Smithills Hall – Bolton and decided to attend.

Liz’s sensitivity was so strong that she appeared to be effected with each investigation with what appeared like seizures… with the help of Haunted Worlds it became apparent that the effects were mainly caused by extreme exposure to EMF (Electronic Magnetic Fields) which can cause, skin irritation, paranoia and nausea.

Liz became a valued member of Haunted Worlds after 12 months of investigating locations with us.


Zoe's first ever investigation was as a guest with Haunted Worlds at the Watermillock in Bolton. This was her most memorable investigation to date; as a result of some experiences that she still to this day cannot explain; and peaked her intrigue into the world of the paranormal.

She continued to regularly attend investigations with the team for the next 12 months before eventually becoming a part of the team.

Since then she has come into her own as an investigator, and is now a highly valued member of the Haunted Worlds team.


Trainee Investigator - Sensitive
The Paranormal first caught Warren's attention after an incident with a Ouija Board at around 14 years old, roughly 10 years ago... (He wishes!)

He met Dave 4 years ago who was attending a class he was teaching at college. Dave's 5 minute talk about his favourite subject lasted roughly half an hour as he touched everyone's interested in the Paranormal as he explained what he could see within people.

Warren asked Dave for a reading as of which Dave happily obliged. Everything Dave said was spot on! Considering they had only met for the first time the week previously... Dave brought back Warren's interest in the Paranormal again. Warren asked Dave if he would speak to Sandy (Warren's better half) - Again Dave was very helpful with his reading.

Both Warren & Sandy attended an investigation at the Morecambe Winter Gardens with Dave and Eddie, there were some things happened that night that neither Warren nor Sandy could explain. Warren has since attended a number of Investigations with Haunted Worlds, he was eager to help out setting up equipment and showed an avid interest in what we were doing.

When we asked Warren to join the team of Haunted Worlds he was more than happy and he is still enjoying every minute of it. Warren has become more and more interested in the Mediumship side of the Paranormal and is undergoing further training on his abilities.


Sharon is a treasured and truly valuable member of the Haunted Worlds team. She is the teams’ resident medium and is always more than happy to help anyone who has questions of a spiritual nature.

Ever keen to improve herself as an investigator Sharon also continues to expand her knowledgebase by learning to use some of Haunted Worlds more scientific equipment; always looking to validate what she experiences on a spiritual level with tangible evidence.