Haunted Worlds

Paranormal Investigations & Ghost Hunts


A dedicated ghost hunting team you can trust

Haunted Worlds is a dedicated team of Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Hunters determined to find the truth on our paranormal investigations. Between us we have over 60 years' experience in Paranormal Research and over 25 years' experience in Paranormal Investigations. Originally founded in 2004 Haunted Worlds is based in the Greater Manchester area. We do regular Paranormal Investigations in Bury, Bolton, Oldham and the surrounding areas. We also cover the rest of England and the UK. In addition to our experience in the paranormal several members of our team are members of ASSAP.

Some of the most famous ghost hunting locations in the UK

  • The Galleries Of Justice
  • Woodchester Mansion
  • Sawston Hall
  • The Watermillock
  • and many more...

The best possible ghost hunting experience

  • Table Tipping Experiments
  • Ouija Boards
  • Glass Divination
  • Dowsing
  • Plus Scientific Investigation Methods

Use of all the latest ghost hunting kit

  • PSB-7 & PSB-11
  • Ovilus
  • K2 meters
  • Franks box
  • Motion sensors
  • Sound enhancers
  • Infra-red camcorders and cameras
  • REM Pods
  • and more as we search for communication from the other side.

Fully insured ghost hunting team

We currently have our own extensive Health and Safety Policy and Public Liability insurance covering us for £5,000,000.

We do not fake anything

This means that anything you experience on one of our ghost hunts or paranormal investigations is real. We will, however, always aim to debunk everything. We only consider events that we can’t debunk to be potential evidence of the paranormal.

We hope to see you at one of our ghost hunting events soon!!!